National Associations

These associations coordinate activities in their respective areas, representing the interest of many different breeds and varieties, and often producing the standards by which exhibition specimens are evaluated. Clicking on the logos should take you to the respective web sites.

The American Poultry Association

Large fowl and bantam chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

The American Bantam Association

Bantam chickens and ducks.

Ontario Poultry Breeders

A club with membership spanning Ontario and beyond. Host a major fall show, and provide a valuable communciation point for exhibition poultry breeders in Ontario.

The Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association

Exhibition pigeons.

The Canadian Racing Pigeon Union

Homing pigeons.

The Dominion Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association

Rabbits and cavites.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association

Rabbits and cavites.

The International Waterfowl Breeders Association

Domestic waterfowl.

Local Associations

These are other pet and poultry associations in Eastern Ontario.


The McDonald's Corners Agricultural Society

Host spring and fall auction sales.


The Quinte Pigeon Pet and Poultry Association

Belleville area. Hold auction sales.

Interprovincial Bird Association - Association Interprovincaile des Eleveurs D'Oiseau

Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec. Hold auction sales and buy-trade-sell days.

Other Links

These are other links that might be of interest to KDPPSA visitors. We are happy to include the web sites of KDPPSA members in this list - please let us know if you would like your site included.

Small Flock Ontario was created by the Poultry Industry Council and OMAFRA, has very helpful information on biosecurity, diseases and parasites, and flock health. The information is targeted towards fanciers and small flock keepers.
is the national exhibition poultry publication in Canada.
is an exhibition poultry newspaper based in the USA.
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